Pricing for Businesses

Every business is unique... Including yours.

Every week, we consult with a different business that has a completely different diversity situation.

While we recognize the convenience it could provide to simply list a flat rate price for you here, and let you make a buying decision, the fact is, it would be irresponsible of us to do so.

Instead, we invite you to meet with us, by phone or in person, and speak with us about your unique situation.

We're here to help. Our mission drives us to provide the best solution to your diversity challenges as economically viable as possible.

The fact is, we can provide real cross-cultural training and understanding for your team members.  We'll show you how to increase employee satisfaction, improve retention, build rapport within your team, and help your staff to better connect with your clientele.

ShareLingo classes provide an unforgettable language and cultural exchange experience. Through a series of classes led by a certified ShareLingo Facilitator, we can help end your diversity challenges, as well.

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