Class Listings

1) You want to SPEAK Spanish
(you can)
2) You want to speak Spanish you will actually USE
(of course)
3) You want to use your Spanish with CONFIDENCE

NOT study Spanish for endless hours, 
learning words you won't use anyway, 
and then going into cold sweats
when you try to talk to a real person.

You need to PRACTICE
But, where can you practice?

Speaking Spanish makes you better at your work, gets you a better job, let's you travel with ease, and even improves your LOVE LIFE.  In fact, it improves every part of your life. The benefits are ENORMOUS!
( But, what if you are just starting, or, you've tried, and failed? )

2018 Spanish Classes with ShareLingo

Whether you are just starting, or you have tried "everything" - books, university, online or computers, PRACTICE, with a human being, is the most important part of learning a language, and it's probably the ONE thing you are afraid of, or what you have been missing, and why speaking has been so hard.

There are 10,000 ways to pick up vocabulary and grammar, 
but The ShareLingo Project is UNIQUE in connecting
English and Spanish speakers to practice together.

What's different about ShareLingo?

Simple:  Instead of working with a computer,
how about actually having a HUMAN BEING
help you actually SPEAK SPANISH?

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Spanish Success Path Course and Membership

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Speaking Spanish will change your life!

  • Get a better job -

  • Make more $$$

  • Travel with Confidence

  • Even find new LOVE if that's what you want. 

BUT... To Speak Spanish,
you need to Practice Spanish. 

So, Where can you meet native Spanish speakers that want to practice with you? 

Guess what!  They say the same thing. They wonder where they can meet English speakers to practice with. 

ShareLingo helps English and Spanish speakers FIND and PRACTICE with each other!


At ShareLingo, you will become FRIENDS with native Spanish speakers. You will HELP them, and they will HELP you. 

Probably for EVER!  

(for free, and, there's no price
you can put on that)

All of the classes below are held at our Office in Denver, Colorado. 700 Kalamath St. Denver, CO 80204.  

  • check
    ​Meet and practice with native Speakers
  • check
    ​Gain Confidence
  • check
    ​Improve Pronunciation
  • check
    ​Learn a TON of new vocabulary
  • check
    ​Make Friends!

Practice - that is what will finally make you successful speaking Spanish! And for practice, there's nothing better than LIVE!  That's why people go to other countries on immersion trips.

But what if you don't have the time (or the time off!) to go to another country?  Did you know that the United States has more Spanish speakers than in Spain?  

Come to ShareLingo - we bring English and Spanish speakers together for face to face practice using a guided method and materials.

THIS- that is where you can finally meet native Spanish Speakers to practice together.  We provide the method, and the materials! 

Not sure what level you are?


You want to learn Spanish, but you have never done any before.  We will start with ABC and 123 - And help you get your pronunciation right from the very beginning - Plus work on greetings and simple phrases. 


You've had some Spanish classes, or you're doing Rosetta Stone, Duolingo, or another program, and now you want to practice with a person.  But everything is still in present tense - like:  How are you today?  I am fine!  Where are you From?


You are moving into the past and future tenses, and you're more comfortable with how verbs are conjugated in Spanish. Now, let's really get comfortable!

Thanks for your interest in our 2018 Spanish classes.  All classes are held at our Office in Denver, Colorado, 700 Kalamath St.  Each level is $200 and you will learn:


Our office is on the second floor and is wheelchair accessible with an accessible bathroom. All experience levels are welcome.

STILL NOT SURE about your level?
Contact Us at 303 835-7399
And we will help you figure it out with
one simple NO STRESS conversation.

Contact Us at 303 835-7399

​Brian Langenfeld 

Two thumbs up!

​"Great learning environment for developing foreign language skills. I first studied Spanish using the Pimsleur program, it was great for learning some basic Spanish conversation, I have also taken courses at Colorado Free University as well as week long courses at language schools in Costa Rica and Bogota, Colombia.
From my experience Sharelingo is about as close to attending a language school in a foreign country as anything I have experienced in my local community."

​Abram Palmer

This place is amazing!

​"It's the best way aside from full immersion that exists to learn a language. It's not like a boring classroom course, and doesn't require you to put your life on hold to travel".

​Marta Welch 

They really do make it easier!

"After learning more about ShareLingo, it's refreshing to know that they really understand the language & cultural gaps we encounter in our country, whether in our education & legal systems, our government institutions, our health care providers or any other industry, for that matter. They really do "make it easier for people from different cultures to understand and respect each other".

​Jocelyn Miller


The best program​!

​"Love the Sharelingo project!!!! Everyone is awesome and willing to help!!!!! The best program."

If you have questions or concerns regarding our class schedule or ShareLingo, please contact our office.