Language & Cultural Consulting For Your Business

If your company has, or is thinking about, any sort of language or diversity training, we invite you to consider implementing a program with The ShareLingo Project.

The benefits for your company, your clients, the participants, and our whole community are significant and measurable.  

It WILL improve your bottom line.

Our Classes Are Tailored To Your Business

If you are staying in a hotel, and you want to ask a staff person a question (Where’s the bar, ice, elevator, etc) and they don’t understand you, that’s frustrating, right?

Well it’s frustrating (and embarrassing) for the staff as well.

The same is true in any business in which the staff can’t easily communicate, at least on a basic level, with customers and clients.

ShareLingo classes are tailored to YOUR organization. 

So, in a hospital, for example, participants practice with different materials than in, say, a bank, or a hotel, or on a construction site.

And, because students work one-on-one with a native speaker, the phrase “How do you say … “ is used a lot.

The natural conversations that happen in a ShareLingo group lead to all kinds of tangents off of the main topic, and we encourage this!

Staff Development

Your staff is your most important resource and defines your business!

Sponsoring a ShareLingo class in your organization does many things:

  • Shows your staff you care about their personal improvement
  • Shows your staff you care about Anglo/Latino relations
  • Improves staff retention
  • Improves guest satisfaction.

Boost Your Company's Profile

Does your business have a Board Room, Conference, or Training Room that is large enough for 11 people?

Bring your Latino clients or customers into your business while you show them that you welcome them.

ShareLingo presents an ideal opportunity to boost your company’s profile among key clients and customers, along with an influential audience comprised of purchase decision makers.

Offering meeting space at your location is good for the community, and good for business!

Perhaps your staff need to improve their Spanish or English?

Perhaps you want to understand the growing Hispanic Market better?

Maybe you want to entice the Latino community into your office as potential customers? 

Whatever the reason, ShareLingo needs your space! We depend on the involvement of businesses like yours to help us offer our program at such a low cost.

We're Ready To Help You!

Do you have latino works but need to understand them better and communicate with them?
Having bilingual staff is not enough.
We Can Help!