What would you ask if you were going to Cuba?

By James Archer | Travel

Sep 18

Ask a Cuban!

Well – Ask James – and he will ask a Cuban for you.

One of our founders is going to Cuba [and later, Colombia and Ecuador] and he wants to take your questions with him.

If you were going to Cuba, what questions would you want to ask the people there?  

And who would you want to ask?  

Send James your questions, and he will ask it for you, and get back to you with the answer!


About the Author

James began thinking about The ShareLingo Project in 2012 after trying, and failing, to learn Spanish. But once he realized that face-to-face practice could make all the difference, he made progress, and is now fluent. While learning Spanish, James felt a strong desire to connect with native Spanish speakers for conversation practice, and to also learn about the many cultures that make up our community. WHY aren't there more places that connect people from different cultures to practice together? In 2013, he founded ShareLingo and began work on developing the proprietary model and methods that the company uses. In addition to the United States, James has lived in Australia and Europe, and has traveled extensively throughout Asia and Latin America. Prior to developing ShareLingo, he had been a Computer Engineer, the General Manager of Australia’s largest conference and Exhibition Company, an art gallery owner, and an inventor, holding multiple patents in his name. James has served on multiple corporate and non-profit boards. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Rochester.

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